Sing with Star City Sounds!

We sing four part harmony in the barbershop style, which may be a little different than what you might have encountered before. The voice parts are:

  • Tenor  (equivalent to 1st soprano)

  • Lead (melody)  (2nd soprano to alto)

  • Baritone  (2nd soprano to 2nd alto)

  • Bass  (2nd alto and lower)


You do not have to be able to read music; we supply listening files (sent to you by e-mail) so that you may learn your part by ear if you prefer.


Our audition process is simple: we will provide you with one piece of music to learn.  Eventually, you will be expected to sing this piece in a quartet, with just you singing your part.  We're listening for three things:

  • Can you memorize both the words and notes of the song?

  • Does your voice blend with the other members?

  • Can you keep your pitch steady enough to stay in tune with the other members?

You may take as many weeks as you like to prepare, and you can ask for "practice auditions" with the quartet until you feel comfortable enough to schedule a real audition in front of the director.  You'll be practicing other music with the chorus during rehearsals, but you won't be required to learn any other pieces until after you pass your audition

Our practices are currently suspended.  Please call for information. 

We are now practicing at Our Lady of Nazareth Church, 2505 Electirc Rd, Roanoke, VA  24018